Disney Princess Redesigns


The Official Disney Princess Redesigns

This namely all began with Cinderella getting an update with the release of her Diamond Edition DVD. Originally, they were solely going to update the 6 original princesses. However, they decided to give Mulan and Pocahontas an update as well.

This is the official picture the Disney page has released for the “Princess Updates”. However, I feel as if the designs have been bouncing around for a while.


This image appeared on some merchandise (while the designs were being reconsidered). If you can see, A LOT of the princess original outfits were drastically altered. My guess is that someone on the design team reconsidered this fact, since THESE designs really wouldn’t match the Princessess’ original movie outfits.

Jasmine has one shoulder top, the bottom part of Aurora’s dress is more like a sash than a dress pattern, Belle’s dress (you can barely see) has the off shoulder sleeves pinned to her left shoulder, Ariel received an interesting pink wrap dress, and Snow White (although her hair is pretty cute) received pearls and a more defined sweetheart cut top, as well as see-through sleeves (and at this point, neither Mulan or Pocahontas were considered in receiving a redesign).

The official update art released (the first picture) I believe is the best of both worlds. Namely, each character received an “updated hairdo”. I find it really interesting how they gave Mulan a TOTALLY NEW OUTFIT. Its beautifully designed and the colors are wonderful, but it seems kind of out of the blue. Pocahontas got earrings? And blush? I don’t why she really needed blush. She’s never really had it, so its kind of weird just to through in now. The embellishments on her dress are nice (although they are probably not very accurate to the time, but her love interest was John Smith in the first movie so I’m not even going there with the historical accuracy). Finally, Ariel’s dress is a new addition as well, HOWEVER it does match similarly to the dress the have Ariel in throughout the parades/princess meets.

Overall, I do like the redesigns. I was kinda opposed to Cinderella’s updated hair at first (from full bangs and elegant up do to side bangs and knot bun), but it has grown on me. These new redesigns pay homage to the original outfits worn by each character, however something new and updated is added to give a slight bit of flair.

The next question is how long (if they do it) will the Disney parks take to update their IRL Princesses’ outfits to match the redesigns.